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Florence Blanchard is a French painter, muralist and screenprinter based in the UK. Blanchard began writing graffiti in the early 1990’s under the name Ema, and spent ten years based in New York where she graduated with a PhD from New York University in 2008.  Her work is directly inspired by her training as a scientist and depicts abstracts molecular landscapes questioning our idea of visual perception.

For more information please visit the links below or drop us a line HERE


t: @FlorenceEMA

IG: @FlorenceEMAgram

Selected press:

Kolekto Magazine (UK), Dec 2014.

The Citrus Report (US), Nov 2014.

Supersonic (US), Nov 2014.

Design Week (UK), Nov 2014.

Our Favourite Places (UK), Nov 2014.

Doshin (JP), Aug 2014.

Illustration Age (US), March 2014.

Plateforme Magazine (Fr), Issue 63.

– Gorgo (It), Dec 2013.

– Now Then Magazine (UK), Sep 2013.

– Cheek Magazine (Fr), Jul 2013.

Creative Notebook (UK), April 2013.

Inkygoodness (UK), March 2013.

Boum Bang (Fr), Dec 2012.

Gorgo (It), Nov 2012.

Paulette Magazine (Fr), Apr 2012.

Revue XXI (Fr) no16, Oct 2011.

Digital Arts magazine (UK), Oct 2011.

La Nouvelle République (Fr), Oct 2011.

Creative Boom (UK), Sept 2011.

Design Week (UK), Sept 2011.

Brooklyn Street Art (US), Sept 2011.

Trisickle (UK), Sept 07 2011.

Libération (Fr), Aug 17 2011.

–  Juxtapoz (US), Aug 5 2011.

–  Le Vif Focus (Be), July 25 2011.

Article Magazine (UK), July 13 2011.

The Star (UK), July 11 2011.

–  l’Humanité (Fr), Mai 2011.

Artistikrezo.com (Fr), 5 Avril 2011.

Rumbum (US), Dec 07 2010.

Shape What’s to Come network (US), Nov 2010.

Arthound (US) Oct 2010.

The villager (NY), Apr 2005.

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