New Brigantia – new print

Ultra limited series of only 6 – two colour (fluo red & black) – screen prints on Somerset paper. Format is A2, signed and numbered on the front. New Brigantia features dropmen inspired by the film Very Nice, Very Nice (Arthur Lipsett, 1961) and is now available on my online shop. Get yours here x

Arthur Lipsett (13 May 1936 – May 1, 1986) was a Canadian avant-garde director of short experimental films who worked for the National Film Board of Canada. His first film Very Nice, Very Nice – a 7 min long piece – was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Live Action Subjects in 1962. Despite not winning the Oscar, this film brought Lipsett considerable praise from critics and directors. Stanley Kubrick was one of Lipsett’s fans, and asked him to create a trailer for his upcoming movie Dr. Strangelove. Lipsett declined Kubrick’s offer. Kubrick went on to direct the trailer himself; however, Lipsett’s influence on Kubrick is clearly visible when watching the trailer.

Don’t scratch my soca

From the long warm nights with an ocean breeze
to the damp and to the rain of London city
we come from the sun to live in the cold
I miss me rum, I want my coconut tree
Don’t scratch my soca
’til the party’s over

Let’s keep the music sweet
wine up your waist and feel the beat

Don’t scratch my soca