Bushwick is Beautiful

A couple of weeks ago I followed my friend Jenevieve to work.

Jenevieve works for Big City Walls, an institution, that coordinates murals with youth organizations in schools across New York City. She recently completed a mural at the corner of Knickerbocker and Myrtle avenues with teenagers and young adults aged 13-21 from the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. The mural took four weeks to complete, from conceptualization to realization and was funded by several organizations including Make the Road New York, CopWatch and Big City Walls itself.

The role of such community outreach associations is to bring awareness and help to kids and their families on topics such as educational, immigration and housing justice, youth programs and police brutality, which are relevant to the Bushwick population.

In this podcast episode you will hear Jenevieve Reid, her coworker Emilia Wiles and their students discussing the themes pictured on the mural and how they apply to their personal lives.

Thanks go to Jen, Emilia, Patrick, Bryan, Nathalie, and the rest of the people who accepted to be interviewed.