Ten/Ten – Live painting at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield

Back in 2011 I got invited to paint at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield. The project – 10 x 10-  involved 10 artists and 10 days of recorded live painting.

They just released the videos on vimeo:

More info ont the project here:


Tiny Trifecta – Cotton Candy Machine BK

Hello Brooklyn people! I will have some work in the following show next week in Williamsburg. It’s curated by Tara McPherson, and will feature tiny art from a lot of cool artists with the super reasonable price of $100 a piece. More info HERE.

Image above by Moki

Tiny Trifecta – 3rd Annual Tiny Group Show

June 15th to July 7th, 2013

We are so very excited to present to you our 3rd annual Tiny Trifecta show!!
Featuring THREE tiny pieces of $100 art from each artist! All artwork will be sold in person on a first come first serve basis. In an effort to create a smoother and more efficient experience for everyone this year, pre-registration to purchase the art will begin at 4pm the day of the opening at Cotton Candy Machine. We will be proceeding in order of those waiting. Limit of 2 pieces of art per person. Remaining unsold pieces will go online the following week. Thank you!
Opening Event Saturday June 15th
7 to 11pm
Pre Registration begins at 4pm
35 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
718.387.3844 info@thecottoncandymachine.com

Scratch EXPO 17 starts this thursday in London

I was invited to Scratch EXPO 17 a big exhibition curated by old-timer live production Scratch from London. The event starts this coming thursday and will feature artwork  from 17 international artists. Here is my piece ‘Particles’ – acrylic on 1 x 1m canvas.

Private view on wednesday RSVP essential – email scratchexpo17@gmail.com


Scratch EXPO 17

05 Dec 2012 – 16 Dec 2012 Opening times: LAUNCH / PRIVATE VIEW (rsvp essential): Wed 5th Dec 2012, 6.30pm – 9.30pm Live Dates: Thursday 6th Dec – Sunday 16th Dec 2012, Noon – 7pm LONDONEWCASTLE PROJECT SPACE 28 Redchurch Street Shoreditch London E2 7DP


Scratch started back in Kings Cross, London; in June ’96 as a hip hop inspired live production encompassing the global dynamics of b- boy culture. Scratch has travelled through London, Edinburgh, Brighton, Bristol, Gothenburg, Italia, Las Vegas, Australia, India & festivals far & wide. Scratch made it’s name in fuzing events that highlighted art in equal headline to music with often first time shows / exhibitions for established players.

SCRATCH EXPO 17 continues the ethos behind the event telling the story through sonic & visual mediums from ’96 and beyond. The show divides the galley space in to two with a selection of international graffiti inspired abstrakt artists invited to display exclusive new works on canvas – all of whom have a relationship with Scratch through collaborations past and present.

Guests include, from Italy Moneyless, Sweden Disk (HSK), France EMA, Canada 123Klan, from the UK Shok1, Robi Walters, Remi Rough, Nonsinthetik, Inkie, Kid Acne, Etch, Solo One, Chu, Chum 101, from Scotland Derm, Many Styles Crew & Lyley plus a selection of creative designers, musicians, record labels & photographers from London, Japan & NYC following the on-going journey of Scratch.

Private view RSVP essential – email scratchexpo17@gmail.com

Info / live updates – https://www.facebook.com/scratchsince1996

Unclear Ground/Terrain Vague – Pilori & Winterlong Galerie (Niort Fr)

Unclear ground/ Terrain vague is an installation currently on view in Niort (Fr) at the Pilori Museum until the 29th of October. This show is curated by Winterlong Galerie, and is a collaboration between Kid Acne and Ema.’

‘Unclear Ground takes inspiration from creating something out of nothing and seeing beauty in the mundane. From derelict factories, to abandoned wastelands and disused railways – for the past 2 decades both Ema & Kid Acne have utilised these forgotten spaces to create their art, injecting them with a splash of colour and giving them a new lease of life. This collaborative installation mixes various media including painting, silkscreening  and sewn fabrics. The title refers to the uncertainty experienced in creating a new piece of work – exploring the unknown to find something new.

Combining influence from graffiti, science fiction and comic books, this exhibition invites us to explore the world around us, proving the age old saying – “seek and you shall find”. ‘

The installation includes a video by Jipé Corre, and a soundtrack by DJ Cherrystones.

‘Never Judge…?’

I’ll be part of the following group show at Stolen Space gallery in London 03.12.10 – 23.12.10 . A group show aiming to celebrate the art of the book cover. We were asked to create a book cover for a novel of our choice. I picked Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea – Jules Vernes (first published in 1870).



















‘Never Judge…?’

A Group Exhibition In Association with Penguin Books
03.12.10 – 23.12.10
Never judge a book by the cover. 

The age old proverb is easier said than done, when choosing a read who can’t be swayed by good cover art, the cover after all has the job of explaining thousands of words in an instant. Think of the classic covers that grace the jackets of thousands of books and the names of the truly great artists that have put their artwork to novels, creating iconic classic covers for these classic books, but is the book cover dying?  With the advent of the iPad it’s now questionable how long the printed novel and its cover will be around, just like the album cover, it’ll be resigned to a thumbnail in iTunes.

StolenSpace in association with Penguin plan to celebrate the art of the book cover with a show titled ‘ Never Judge? this December.

The broad and varied spectrum of artists were inviting to paint, print, etch, sculpt, photograph, whatever their medium, whatever their style… create a book cover for a novel of their choice,  a book that has inspired them, a book that has had a profound impact on them or a book that they remember fondly as a child … all that we asked was that they create their original artwork to the traditional format and size of a Penguin book 198mm (h) x 129mm (w)

For this exhibition ‘Never Judge?’ we will be exhibiting these artworks and fill the gallery with original book covers from our favourite artists from around the world. As well as originals we will be producing limited edition prints of a selection of the artwork. The show promises to be a visual feast and working in conjunction with Penguin and their upcoming Penguin Essentials project the show will be a guaranteed block buster.