Chicken Dust – a new mural in Bushwick

I just came back from New York where I worked on a few different projects. Despite the blazing heat I managed to reclaim an old wall I had painted in 2007 in Bushwick on Humbolt street. Special thanks to Ed and the people from Enrique Mini Market for helping out! x

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Bunny In Space – Letter press trading cards

I’ve just received a package with the work I did for Asuka Ohsawa‘s letter press trading cards collaborative project: Bunny In Space. Brooklyn based Asuka invited international artists to design each card (4.5 X 3.25 in.), and the card narratives were constructed in the manner of Exquisite Corpse. The original images and texts were hand-printed via letterpress from polymer plates on 2-ply museum board by Asuka.  Each set comes with its own cool hand-folded paper case and homemade bubble gum. All this in a super limited edition of 40. How nice is that?

If you are in New York, the set of cards is currently exhibited at The Center For Book Arts as part of the Featured Artist Project: 2012 Workspace Artists in Residence

The show will be up until June 29th.

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Old News Good News: The Underbelly Project

Back in 2010 I was invited to join a secret art project in the underground subway system of New York. The cool thing about this project is that artists came from around the globe to participate and although it’s been heavily publicised with articles in the New York and London Times (to name a few), the location and the name of the organisers still remain unknown . We Own The Night: The Art Of The Underbelly Project, a newishly released book from Rizzoli New York details every moment of the project and includes photos of the work I did for it.


Like No Other Place in the World – New painting for show in LA.

Here are pictures of the piece I prepared for the following show starting on the 12th at C.A.V.E. gallery in LA.

Friday, August 12 at 6:00pm – September 4 at 10:00pm

C.A.V.E. Gallery
1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, California

Brooklyn Street Art Presents ‘Street Art Saved My Life : 39 New York Stories’ in collaboration with Thinkspace, an art show to exhibit at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice (LA), California on Friday, August 12, 2011.

‘Street Art Saved My Life : 39 New York Stories’ heralds the new highly individual character of stories being told on the streets of New York by brand new and established Street Artists from all over the world. Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo, founders of focus on this flashpoint in modern Street Art evolution by curating a strongly eclectic story-driven gallery show with 39 of the best storytellers hitting the streets of New York.
Street Art Saved My Life : 39 New York Stories, the gallery show, accompanied by an LA street wall series by selected artists and a public panel lecture and discussion, intends to stake out the New Guard in street art while recognizing some powerful near-legendary forerunners.