Under The Skin – No Words Required exhibition


This weekend saw the opening of No Words Required a group exhibition celebrating the art of silent comic at A Month Of Sundays gallery in Sheffield. I prepared this painted illustration based on the movie ‘Under The Skin‘ by Jonathan Glazer. The exhibition runs throughout august Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 – 17:00


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MARVELOSA – Art inspired by The National Fairground Archive

Just this week opened MARVELOSA a new exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of The National Fairground Archive. 5 artists including myself were commissioned to work around material available at the archive. MARVELOSA is on view until January 8 2015 at The Western Bank Library at The University Of Sheffield. It’s been an absolute pleasure working on this. More info here: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/library/exhibition/marvelosaIMG_0086gold1000'

The Snake Charmer – Hand-finished 3 colour screenprint on Somerset paper


Other artists involved in this project: Anthony Bennett, Mark Copeland, Sarah Munro, Paul Evans, Pete McKee, Zoe Beloff.





NEW BRIGANTIA – new exhibition in Sheffield.

I’m working on a new series of works for my future exhibition at A Month of Sundays Gallery which will open on June 15 in Sheffield UK (see flyer below). It’ll be mainly works on paper but this time I’m introducing colours and gold leaf! Here is a glimpse of the last piece I just finished.

COVER VERSION Sheffield (UK), Sept 10

I’ll be part of the COVER VERSION show curated by Pete McKee at A Month Of Sundays Gallery in Sheffield (UK) in September. We had to redesign covers of one of our favorite LP of choice.

I chose Cymande (1972), one of my biggest musical crushes (see original cover below) for which I recreated the original visual elements – a dove perched on top of a man’s head, guarding him with it’s wings, only this time, it’s painted in my own decorative style.

You may have never heard of Cymande, but if like me, you grew up listening to hip-hop – you will definitely know their music. They have been sampled by everyone from De La Soul and the Fugees, to Kool Herc, Master Ace, MC Solar, Grandmaster Flash, and the Ruthless Rap Assassins. Cymande were a British electric funk band who formed in London in 1971.During their short lived career, they toured the US after the release of their self titled LP in 1972 and sadly disbanded in 1974.

The band was composed of west Indian musicians who were self declared Rastafarian. Their music incorporates omnipresent Nyabinghi rhythms, which consist in a warm syncopated heartbeat added to a mix of jazz, funk, calypso, soul and rock. The name Cymande (pronounced ‘Sah-mahn-day’) was inspired from a calypso word for Dove, the universal symbol of peace and love, which their lyrics are all about.

Check out the original version:

Here is my version: