Wish You Were Here – Stolenspace London

Last week and last chance to check out the summer group show at Stolenspace gallery in London.


StolenSpace Gallery is delighted to present, ‘Wish You Were Here’, an eclectic showcase featuring original works from 40 leading urban contemporary artists.

Prompted with the prototypical postcard sentiment, each artist reimagines the phrase and translates it into their own visual language – setting their work in conversation with the many other creative minds featured in the show. Whereas some choose to uphold the typical associations of travel and summer vacation, others select less conventional interpretations, such as unrequited love, detachment and separation. The result of this variation offers a genuine overview of the vast and consistently increasing diversity of urban artists working cross the globe today – a diversity with StolenSpace is honoured to represent.

Featuring work by; Adam Caldwell, Alexander Chappell, Alexis Diaz, Augustine Kofie, Beau Stanton, Ben Frost, Buff Monster, Case Maclaim, C215, D*Face, David Bray, Drew Leshko, Erik Jones, Florence Blanchard, Herakut, Jaime Molina, Jason Woodside, Josie Morway, Kai and Sunny, Kevin Cyr, Mando Marie, Miss Van, Mysterious Al, Nic Bowers, Okuda, Paul Stephenson, PICHIAVO, Pref, RYCA, Remi Rough, Seth Armstrong, Shepard Fairey, Sylvia Ji, The London Police, The Lost Object, Von, Vinnie Nylon, Will Barras, Zest


Stolenspace gallery 17 Osborn Street London. E1 6TD 020 7247 2684  contact@stolenspace.com http://www.stolenspace.com


New work on view until October 28 at Treason Gallery 319 3rd Ave S Seattle, Washington 98104 USA.

Treason Gallery_Compendium_IG

COMPENDIUM is an exploration of the contemporary abstract movement post graffiti. Utilizing blends of color, line work, and space as subjects, each artist’s unique approach to their work is weighted in the individualism and self-determination that graffiti culture fosters. COMPENDIUM’s roster highlights an eclectic blend of local, national and international artists all communicating through the visual language known as abstract art.

IMG_3499_Heat_Wave_Florence_BLanchard_1200Treason+Gallery_Compendium_Installation-12Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 16.15.34

Scratch EXPO 17 starts this thursday in London

I was invited to Scratch EXPO 17 a big exhibition curated by old-timer live production Scratch from London. The event starts this coming thursday and will feature artwork  from 17 international artists. Here is my piece ‘Particles’ – acrylic on 1 x 1m canvas.

Private view on wednesday RSVP essential – email scratchexpo17@gmail.com


Scratch EXPO 17

05 Dec 2012 – 16 Dec 2012 Opening times: LAUNCH / PRIVATE VIEW (rsvp essential): Wed 5th Dec 2012, 6.30pm – 9.30pm Live Dates: Thursday 6th Dec – Sunday 16th Dec 2012, Noon – 7pm LONDONEWCASTLE PROJECT SPACE 28 Redchurch Street Shoreditch London E2 7DP


Scratch started back in Kings Cross, London; in June ’96 as a hip hop inspired live production encompassing the global dynamics of b- boy culture. Scratch has travelled through London, Edinburgh, Brighton, Bristol, Gothenburg, Italia, Las Vegas, Australia, India & festivals far & wide. Scratch made it’s name in fuzing events that highlighted art in equal headline to music with often first time shows / exhibitions for established players.

SCRATCH EXPO 17 continues the ethos behind the event telling the story through sonic & visual mediums from ’96 and beyond. The show divides the galley space in to two with a selection of international graffiti inspired abstrakt artists invited to display exclusive new works on canvas – all of whom have a relationship with Scratch through collaborations past and present.

Guests include, from Italy Moneyless, Sweden Disk (HSK), France EMA, Canada 123Klan, from the UK Shok1, Robi Walters, Remi Rough, Nonsinthetik, Inkie, Kid Acne, Etch, Solo One, Chu, Chum 101, from Scotland Derm, Many Styles Crew & Lyley plus a selection of creative designers, musicians, record labels & photographers from London, Japan & NYC following the on-going journey of Scratch.

Private view RSVP essential – email scratchexpo17@gmail.com

Info / live updates – https://www.facebook.com/scratchsince1996