Anaphase Screenprint Edition

It took several weeks in the making and it is my biggest print project to date (100cm x 70cm). ANAPHASE  screenprint edition comes in 2 colour ways: RED or BLUE, which are respectively 8 and 6 colours super limited editions on high end 300 gsm Fabriano paper. Both were hand-printed by me in my home studio in Sheffield and are now available from Nelly Duff gallery at 156 Columbia road in East London or online HERE.

ANAPHASE BLUE: edition of 10


ANAPHASE RED: edition of 20




Artwork by Florence Blanchard

Now available on B&B’s website

8 colour hand-pulled screenprint
Edition of 15
70 x 70 cm (design 60 x 60 cm)
300gsm uncoated torned/deckled edge Fabriano paper
Signed, numbered and embossed

‘Entirely produced using a strict analog process, this super limited edition is inspired by Florence Blanchard’s enormous FEATURE WALLS mural.’
Available HERE

Artwork by Florence Blanchard

MARVELOSA – Art inspired by The National Fairground Archive

Just this week opened MARVELOSA a new exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of The National Fairground Archive. 5 artists including myself were commissioned to work around material available at the archive. MARVELOSA is on view until January 8 2015 at The Western Bank Library at The University Of Sheffield. It’s been an absolute pleasure working on this. More info here:'

The Snake Charmer – Hand-finished 3 colour screenprint on Somerset paper


Other artists involved in this project: Anthony Bennett, Mark Copeland, Sarah Munro, Paul Evans, Pete McKee, Zoe Beloff.





Le Tour de France: new print

How exciting, I just finished printing Le Tour de France. This very special 3 colour- A3- screenprint was produced with love at B&B screenprinting studio on forest green colorplan using acrylic inks. The edition size is 20 and each print is numbered and signed on the front as well as embossed with the studio logo.

To order please click HERE

a few seconds of printing were caught on film by fellow members of the Sheffield Steel Peloton:

New Brigantia – new print

Ultra limited series of only 6 – two colour (fluo red & black) – screen prints on Somerset paper. Format is A2, signed and numbered on the front. New Brigantia features dropmen inspired by the film Very Nice, Very Nice (Arthur Lipsett, 1961) and is now available on my online shop. Get yours here x

Arthur Lipsett (13 May 1936 – May 1, 1986) was a Canadian avant-garde director of short experimental films who worked for the National Film Board of Canada. His first film Very Nice, Very Nice – a 7 min long piece – was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Live Action Subjects in 1962. Despite not winning the Oscar, this film brought Lipsett considerable praise from critics and directors. Stanley Kubrick was one of Lipsett’s fans, and asked him to create a trailer for his upcoming movie Dr. Strangelove. Lipsett declined Kubrick’s offer. Kubrick went on to direct the trailer himself; however, Lipsett’s influence on Kubrick is clearly visible when watching the trailer.

Levi’s travelling journals and A.P.G. WORKS silkscreening

Due to my ‘involvement in the use of art and design to encourage social change and empower other individuals’, I have been selected by Levi’s to participate to an international art project. This collaborative work will be presented at the next TED Women’s Conference in Washington next December.

I had one week to inscribe my thoughts on 4 pieces of paper, which will eventually be included in hand made books together with that of other participants. The books are being made by a team of book binders from Etsy.

As I am currently doing a residency with A.P.G. WORKS a printing studio in Sheffield, UK, I used their facility and their help to silkscreen onto the pages, and made a mini book populated by dropmen and synchrotronic waves.