Neighborhood Watch and Stop Motion

Two nights ago, I was at the screening of the 4th episode of Neighborhood Watch. This event is organized by the Compound Eye, a collective of three brooklynite filmmakers based in Williamsburg. Launa Eddy, Daniel Olshansky,  and Brian Russo put together and edit tons of short visual sequences from various sources ranging from cult cartoons from the 30’s-80’s, beautiful, weird and sometimes disturbing films excerpts and animations, to absolutely non-politically correct hilarious home-made comedy. It is funny, interesting, and beautiful.

Neighborhood Watch also aims to promote community awareness, and exhibits sequences shot in the streets of Williamsburg, where store or restaurant owners and regular passers-by are asked to take part in their delirious endeavors.

The Compound Eye screens its +/- monthly production in the backyard of Kenny’s Trattoria for free. Next one will be sometime around Halloween.

As they are open for submission, I sent them a short stop motion animation I made for them, which they included in this past episode of Neighborhood Watch. I meant to try stop motion animation for while, especially after seeing a couple of amazing videos made by professional stop motion artists. Below is my animation and here are a few links to VERY good videos from other people totally worth checking out (but only AFTER checking out mine!):

The Misanthrope music video by Yukihiro Taguchi (which totally inspired my own little animation)

Her Morning Elegance music video by Oren Lavie

Muto by Blu

Annie Poon’s website

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