BioTalk from BioTechniques

In the past few months, I produced and hosted a series of podcasts for called BioTalk.
BioTechniques is a peer-reviewed international journal that serves scientists engaged in basic and applied science. It includes primarily articles and reviews on the application of techniques in molecular biology, and is available open access.

BioTalk features interviews with scientists from various fields of biology and focuses on technological advances achieved by authors published in the journal.

In this episode of BioTalk from BioTechniques, Gal Almogy, a post-doc at ETH Zürich explains how increasing the accuracy of the Tet system might lead to effective gene therapy.

Gal Almogy, together with Gary Nolan associate professor at Stanford University, published a research report in the January 2009 issue of BioTechniques describing their improvements to the Tet system.

Almogy also discusses his career goals in the synthetic biology field and his desire to help students and post-docs navigate the academic job market.

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