Jim Avignon on the Neighborhood Public Radio

On this episode of Bohemian Biology, you’ll hear Jim Avignon aka Neoangin talking on ArtSci Fridays, a show I hosted on the Neighborhood Public Radio back in 2008 as part of the Whitney Biennial.
Jim is a German painter and performer based in Brooklyn, who at the time, just had a new album out titled ‘The Happy Hobo & The Return of The Freaks’.
As I just attended his even more recent album release party a couple of days ago I thought I would revive this piece for the occasion.

To give you a taste here is how his bio starts:
‘1994 marks the beginning of the whole story: Berlin painter and „pop-art“ activist Jim Avignon spots a one-man-entertainer-keyboard in the sales bin at the hardware store, right next to the cash register.
He wastes no time and purchases the instrument. In the ensuing months he will dedicate quite some time to his new keyboard. The instrument has funky accompanying rhythms and a snazzy sound but unfortunately there is no feature to save the songs. Not knowing how to read music Mr. Avignon develops his very own method to memorize the numerous melodies and chordal sketches which he had composed in no time.’

Jim’s next performance will be at Monkeytown, 58 N 3rd St. Brooklyn
His new album is ‘Say High To Your Neighborhood’ and is available on http://neoangin.info/
Happy holidays!

Run Time: 21:33

Episode 6: Jim Avignon on Art Sci Fridays (Neighborhood P…

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