Hedonistic Cloud

This past weekend I worked on a mural installation called Hedonistic Cloud for the Chocolate & I New York week, which is currently happening in Chelsea. The whole event is about chocolate and offers various workshops and activities available from $0 to something like $85 per session. Several artists from various background are showing their artwork too. I’m showing new and old works as part of the installation.

All the info is below

Food for Art. Art for Thought.

Feb. 8-14, 2010

Chocolate & I, New York
511 W. 25 Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY10001

Chocolate & I, New York is excited to showcase recent works from both established and emerging artists revolving around the relationship and characteristics society attributes to chocolate and the way it affects us on a personal level. Join us on February 11th and view the work of Elim Chen, Ema, C&T, Jason Krugman, Michelle Mayer, Carolina Vallejo, Asli Sevinc & Charnan Lewis.

Reception: Thursday Feb. 11, 9p-11. Music performance by Rifle Recoil.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 4p to 7p
Thur: 4p to 11p
Sat: 2p to 11p
Sun: 2p to 9p
Internet Press:

One thought on “Hedonistic Cloud

  1. Hi Florence,

    I found your site because my good friend Ming from college sent it to me. Just wanted to leave you a note that I absolutely love your work and if weren’t saving every penny for business school, I would buy the painting of the lady with the teacup. You are incredibly talented and I hope to be able to purchase some of your work in the future!



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