Moieties for Sheffield Printing 3D

This week is the launch of Printing Sheffield 3D a new exhibition of works printed by the Printing Sheffield >>>3d team at Hallam university and curated by Human studio as part of Catalyst /Festival of Creativity.
For the occasion I created a series of structures titled ‘Moieties’ based on found objects, which were scanned and assembled together through 3D printing. I’m really pleased with the outcome and loved working on this. Thanks Ian Gwilt, Nick Dulake and Nick Bax for inviting me.




2 thoughts on “Moieties for Sheffield Printing 3D

  1. These look great Florence!

    Apologies for the out of the blue email – I know Jo Peel and think that’s how I then found your work which I’ve become a big fan of!

    This looks like a great project and I’d love to check out the exhibition but I’m in London so will keep an eye on Instagram etc for more pics.

    Will these be for sale?

    Cheers Craig


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